June Anderson (Mayor) - Par Liaison Group, St Blazey Community Watch, Burrows Board of Directors, Planning Committee, St Blazey Reclaimed, New Pavement Steering Group, New Community Centre Steering Group, Carlyon Bay Development Representative, Employment Appeals Panel, Cornwall Community Flood Forum, Par Community Association, Par Skatepark Steering Group, Biscovey Board of Trustees.

Address: 37 Rose Hill, St Blazey, Cornwall PL24 2LD

Tel: 01726 813995


Adrian Seel (Vice Mayor) - Planning Officer, New Pavement Steering Group, Employment Committee.

Address: 145 Landreath Place, St Blazey, PAR.

Tel: 01726 815829


George Allen - Local Transport Representative, Par & Newquay Branch Line, Deputy Luxulyan Valley Partnership Representative, Employment Committee, Saints Awards Representative, Burrows Board of Directors, Eden Liaison, Nature Trails.

Address: 6 Bay View, The Mount,  St Blazey, Cornwall PL24 2BY

Tel: 01726 815707


Rob Blackie - Burrows Board of Directors, Employment Appeals Panel, EGS neighbour group.


Address: 3 Ash Grove, Biscovey, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2HE

Tel: 01726 814658


George Miller - Internal Verifier, Community Network Area Representative, Employment Committee, Burrows Board of Directors, CALC representative.

Address: 3 Kilhallon Woodlands, PAR  PL24 2RJ.

Tel: 01726 815179

Email: georgem@talktalk.net


Amos Putt - Footpath/Bridleway/ Cycle ways, Hands Together, New Pavement Steering Group, Cornwall Community Flood Forum, Employment Appeals Panel.

Address: 55 Polgrean Place, St Blazey PAR PL24 2LH

Tel: 01726 815444


Councillor Jenny Taylor

Address: 40 Chyandor Close, St Blazey, PL24 2LP.

Tel: 01726 816867

Email: jennychy@btinternet.com


Roy Taylor - Planning Committee, New pavement Steering Group, Burrows Board of Directors, Employment Appeals Panel.

Address: Palm Garden House, Tywardreath Highway, Par PL24 2RW

Tel: 01726 816112

Email: roytaylor49@hotmail.com


Stuart Wheeler - Press Officer, Employment Appeals Panel, New Community Centre Steering Group, Community Network Area Representative, St Blazey Community Watch.

Address:56 Moorland Road, Par, PL24 2PB.

Tel: 01726 815370

Email: stuartdwheeler@aol.com


Jenny Moore

Address:1 Meadow Drive, St Blazey, Par, PL24 2HL.

Tel: 01726 816849/ mob: 07748202969

Email: jenny.moore@btinternet.com


Your Town Council’s register of interests can be viewed via the following link:
Town Council’s Register of Interests

You can view St Blaise Town Councils Standing orders, Financial Regulations and the Code of Conduct which has been adopted by St Blaise Town Council by clicking on the links below.